Al Sur at RightsCon This panel will be the opportunity to talk about this initiative and its main findings, as a reflection on how public policies trust freely in technological solutions for problems that are much more complex.
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GPA logo The General Privacy Assembly (GPA) has selected the ADC's executive director, Valeria Milanes, to be part of its reference panel representing our coalition, Al Sur.
Image of our report With EFF, EDRi, IT-Pol Denmark, Article 19, Derechos Digitales, and Homo Digitalis, Al Sur has presented a joint report with shared concerns on the new draft of the Second Budapest Additional Protocol on Cybercrime.
ITU image The consultation was organized by the ITU Council Working Group on International Public Policy Issues Related to the Internet (CWG-Internet). It is the first time that Al Sur is part of an ITU public call for cooperation.
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Image CC By EFF Register in our pre-event organized in the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) context.
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COVID19 y vigilancia The COVID-19 crisis has led many governments to enable digital technologies to keep track and control people with this coronavirus. In our continent, we can find examples as mobile applications, websites, or even drones. Are these technologies harmonious with human rights?
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IACHR Report cover The report has included our reports "Business and Human Rights: Regional Report on Technology, Big Data and Cyber Surveillance," as well as "Recommendations for transparency and anti-corruption in the acquisition and use of surveillance technologies by the American States" presented on the occasion of the Summit of the Americas in 2018.
Etica en la inteligencia artificial As a consortium of organizations, we are pleased to have offered a collective regional perspective on the challenges in ethics and data protection, but, at the same time, we are concerned that the industry widely dominates such discussions in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in detriment of the public interest.