Al Sur presents its COVID Observatory at RightsCon

COVID-19 has changed civil society's agenda regarding the use of technologies and their impacts on human rights. Amongst the new challenges, one of the most urgent was the proliferation of surveillance technologies used by States with the excuse of fighting the pandemic and the implications on human rights in the context of a health emergency.

To understand the new challenges, Al Sur worked in the "COVID-19 Observatory" to document Latin American Governments deployment of these technologies, first by understanding the technology implemented itself and the data collected by it, as well as its legality according to the local legal framework, regional and international human rights standards.

This panel will be the opportunity to talk about this initiative and its main findings, as a reflection on how public policies trust freely in technological solutions for problems that are much more complex.


Fionnuala Ni Aolain, UN Special Rapporteur / COVID-19 Civic Freedom Tracker

Abdías Zambrano, Ipandetec, Panama

Jamila Venturini, Derechos Digitales, Latin America

Eduardo Carrillo, TEDIC, Paraguay

Miguel Morachimo, Hiperderecho, Peru

Date: June 10 / 2:15pm - 3:15pm GMT-4