Joint report on the new Draft of the Second Budapest Additional Protocol on Cybercrime

Image of our report

With EFF, EDRi, IT-Pol Denmark, Article 19, Derechos Digitales, and Homo Digitalis, Al Sur has presented a joint report with shared concerns on the new draft of the Second Budapest Additional Protocol on Cybercrime.

Our submission focused on demanding the main following changes to the provisional text:

  • Prohibiting forum shopping practices in joint investigations that enable one country to circumvent its own data protection and legal framework to get access to data that it would normally not have access to under its domestic rules.
  • Bringing transparency and judicial oversight to the setting up of Joint Investigation Teams.
  • Prohibiting the direct disclosure of domain name registration data to foreign law enforcement authorities and instead, request that the Party to the Convention in which the service provider is established is notified and validates the data access request.
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