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We analyzed the implementation of public-private technologies in 14 countries in the region. In each one, we took into account 58 variables about infrastructure, personal data collected, privacy policies, security levels, rights affectation. You can consult the data visualizations in each case by clicking on the country flag.

The COVID-19 pandemic became an excuse for Latin American governments to adopt various digital technologies to control people's contagion and provide health information. This project analyzed the effectiveness and the impact of these technologies on human rights.

Al Sur analyze the characteristics of the deployment of facial recognition technologies by the States in Latin America, taking into account the development of the industry, its legality and also the rights affected.

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Al Sur examines various ways of dealing with disinformation on the Internet without resorting to mechanisms that affect people's freedom of expression. In particular, analyzes the mechanisms that our countries have in place to ensure the special obligations of State authorities to pronounce on matters of public interest.

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